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     奇怪的错误,坑死个人啊!!当C++/CLI程序引用了native lib顺利编译之后,程序启动有可能出现以下错误(_CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData)):




    The reason why you get this error is that a winforms application has a managed entry point. The initialization of the native global objects is done by the CRT (C RunTime) startup routine. Since in this case there is no CRT startup routine the MyBoard global object fails to initialize correctly.

    IDE is specific the entry of ManagedApp as "main". However, using "main" will bypass a lot of CRT's startup initialization.




    把Entry Point从main改为 "?mainCRTStartupStrArray@@$$FYMHP$01AP$AAVString@System@@@Z"



    That should re-enable the CRT startup code which initializes the internal CRT variables.That symbol is really the mangled name for "int __clrcall mainCRTStartupStrArray(cli::array<class System::String ^ >^)".