From Coffee with Love

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    As far as I can remember,I’ve never met anyone who has said,”I hate coffee.” Sure,you get those people who don’t like seafood,can’t handle wine or stay away from chocolate,but it’s pretty rare to come across someone who has an aversion to coffee.

    For each of us,we come into contact with coffee at different times in our lives and for different reasons.Whether we need it occasionally to make it through a night of study or whether it is part of our daily routine.So,grab a cup of your favourite blend,and enjoy our feature stories,which explore the fascinating culture or the second most popular drink on earth(tea comes in first).

    The Legend of Coffee follows the history of coffee and explains how the delightful drink made its way into our homes and hearts.From Africa,to Asia,across Europe and the Americas,the coffee bean has been around the world and back again.No corner of the earth is safe from the alluring aroma.

    For die-hard coffee drinkers,nothing beats a perfect cup of Joe.And just like in life,each person has his or her own unique flavour.In The Good Things in life ,a grandmother tries to expree her passion for coffee to her granddaughter and ends up leaving a lifelong impression.

    To some extent,coffee culture has created a divide between those who know and those who know not.Coffee Snobs gives insight into coffee cliques and some pointers on how to identify the perfect drop.But whether you are in the Coffee Club or not,just knowing coffee is there for those times when you “just gotta have it” sure is a comforting thought.

    And remember,even if you don’t love coffee,coffee loves you.