HDTach RW Vista Readyboost benchmark

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    HDTach RW Vista Readyboost benchmark | 2.11 Mb RAR Readyboost is still not quite understood by many. The known requirements are as follows: You will need at least a 64MB Hi-Speed USB flash drive (which goes without saying) that exceeds 3.5MB/s for 4KB random reads and 2.5MB/s for 512KB random writes uniformly across the device. What sites won't tell you, and what this utility actually does, is tell you that you need under 1 ms response delay. This is the important requirement. This is where HD Tach RW Comes into Play. Most people, like me originally, think that we need a very fast USB or Flash card in terms of read rates. My USB card is about 11 MB/s in speeds and about .7 ms delay, fast, but sticks out of the computer. My Sony Vaio laptop has an independent Memory Stick Pro Duo slot and a 5 in one express card reader (faster and newer than PCMCIA). I bought an Ultra II Memory Stick Pro Duo and ran it through both. It has a 15 MB/s rate through the express card and a 5 MB/s rate through the built in laptop slot. It only worked as readyboost on the built in at 5 MB/s because it has a .6ms delay whereas the express had a 5 second delay. I forced it to work in vista and saw the performance actually hurt bad in the express. Here's the kicker: the delay is really the only important requirement because vista only calls small files from Readyboost. Large files (like the World of Warcraft files) will be called through regular cache because the hard drive has a faster response rate than really any flash. Hard drives lack in the response rate, but there's a point where the speed on the hard drive will overtake the delay...that's why the speed of flash is really not a big concern...so long as it reads fast. 2.11 MB RapidShare